Current manufacturer located in Midrand, South Africa. Truvelo Armoury is a division of Truvelo Manufacturers (Pty) Ltd. No current U.S. importation.
Truvelo Armoury entered into the field of barrel and rifle manufacturing in 1994. The success of the manufacturing of highly accurate barrels led to the development of a combination of their own barrel range and sophisticated sniper rifle technology. The result of this combination is Truvelo's range of highly accurate, long range rifles with calibers up to 20x110 Hispano. The Truvelo range of rifles is called the Counter Measure Sniper Rifle (CMS). Truvelo Armory also previously manufactured the Neostead shotgun, the BXP 9mm Tactical pistol, and various custom hunting and sporting rifles. Please contact the factory directly for more information, delivery time, and availability.