Current manufacturer located in Antalya, Turkey. Select models are currently imported by UTAS-USA, located in Des Plaines, IL.

UTAS Models

12 ga., 3 in. chamber, bullpup configuration, 18 1/2 in. barrel threaded for Beretta-style choke tubes, 9 (UTS-9) or 15 (UTS-15) shot, two 7 shot alternately feeding or selectable mag. tubes with selector switch, no sights, pistol grip, polymer receiver, top Picatinny rail, choice of black (UTS-15), Hunting Camo (UTS-15 Hunting), Muddy Girl camo (UTS-15 Muddy Girl), OD Green (UTS-15 OD Green), Sand (UTS-15 Desert, disc. 2015), or blue camo (UTS-15 Marine, with corrosion resistant satin nickel plating on metal parts, disc. 2015), FDE, Tungsten, or Burnt Bronze finish, 6.9 lbs. Mfg. by UTAS in Turkey beginning late 2012. No current US importation.
12 ga., 3 in. chamber, gas operated with rotating bolt, 18.7 (disc. 2016) or 20 (new 2017) in. barrel with muzzle, two 5 or 10 (new 2018) shot mags., sights are optional, 5-position telescopic stock, integrated quad Picatinny rail, 8-position sling attachment housing, standard Cerakote black or optional Burnt Bronze, FDE, OD Green, or Tungsten finish, approx. 8 lbs. Mfg. 2015-disc.
12 ga., 2 1/2, 2 3/4, or 3 in. chamber, bullpup configuration, 19.6 in. barrel, 14 shot mag. (dual 7 shot mags.) w/auto-alternating or selectable feed, snap open loading ports and cartridge counter mag. followers, spring assisted pin ejector, adj. rear sight w/flip-up large aperture peep or big game V elevation, fiber flip-up stock and reinforced buttplate, full-length integrated top Picatinny rail, matte black, Burnt Bronze, FDE, OD Green, or Tungsten Cerakote finish, 10 lbs.
9mm Para. cal., closed-bolt, blowback operation, aluminum frame, 6 in. threaded rifled barrel, 33 shot double stack mag., internal hammer, polymer grips, manual safety, ambi controls, Picatinny rail, AR-15 buffer tube, includes sling attachment, matte black, Burnt Bronze (new 2022), Tungsten (new 2022), FDE (new 2022), OD Green (new 2022), Prison Pink (new 2022) finish, or Green Camo (new 2022), Rustic (new 2022), or US Flag (new 2022) patterned Cerakote finish. New 2021.
9mm Para. cal., blowback operation, 6 in. barrel, 33 shot mag., top Picatinny rail, Black, FDE, OD Green, Tungsten, Burnt Bronze, Prison Pink, Green Camo, Rustic, or US Flag finish, 4.6 lbs. New 2022.