Current trademark established during 1953 as part of LEW (Lyttelton Engineering Work, a subsidiary part of commercial network from Armscor). In 1995, Vektor became a separate division of Denel Land Systems of South Africa.
Vektor has manufactured a wide variety of firearms configurations, including semi-auto pistols, bolt action and slide action rifles, as well as military arms for South African law enforcement for quite some time. Currently, the company does not make any civilian small arms.


9mm Para. cal., polymer frame, automatic firing pin block (blade-type V-spring block), 4 in. barrel with polygonal rifling, 10 shot mag., steel slide, pivoting internal hammer, "gas-brake" type locking system, manual safety, unique aesthetics and ergonomic design allowing no buttons or levers on exterior surfaces, black or nickel finished slide, approx. 25 1/2 oz. Imported 1999-2000.
9mm Para. cal., double action, patterned after the M92 Beretta, 5 in. barrel, steel construction, black synthetic grips, 10 shot mag., 35 oz. Imported 1999-disc.
9mm Para. cal., double action, 5 in. barrel with polygonal rifling, wraparound checkered synthetic grips, matte blue or black finish, 2.2 lbs. Imported 1999-disc.
similar to Model SP1, except compact variation with 4 in. barrel, 25.4 oz. Imported 1999-disc.
similar to Model SP1, except is available with tuned action or target pistol features. Imported 1999-disc.
.40 S&W cal., otherwise similar to Model SP1. Imported 1999-disc.
similar to Model SP2, except is compact variation. Imported 1999-disc.
competition variation of the Model SP2 featuring 5 7/8 in. barrel, additional magazine guide, enlarged safety levers and mag. catch, and straight trigger, 35 oz. Imported 2000-disc.
9mm Para. cal., normal black finish. Imported 2000-disc.
9mm Para. or .40 S&W (new 2000) cal., top-of-the-line double action with most performance features, optional Lynx (disc. 1999) or Tasco (new 2000) scope. Imported 1999-disc.
standard cals are .243 Win., .270 Win., .30-06, .308 Win., 7x57mm Mauser, 7x64 Bren., Mag. cals. include .300 Win. Mag., .300 H&H, .416 Rigby, .470 Capstick, .458 Win. Mag., or 9.3x62mm, 5 shot staggered mag., non-rotating long extractor, positive bolt stop, checkered walnut stock, hammer forged barrel, iron sights on Mag. cals. only. Imported 2000-disc.
.223 Rem. cal., 18 or 22 in. barrel, rotating bolt, uncheckered forearm and thumbhole stock with pad, includes 4X scope with long eye relief, 9 lbs. 7 oz.-10 1/4 lbs. Imported 2000-disc.