Current rifle manufacturer located in Cazzano Sant'Andrea, Brescia, Italy. Currently imported (select models only) by Victrix USA, LLC beginning 2021, located in Rutherford College, NC.


.308 Win. cal., short action, 16 in. Benchmark (Pugio V) or Lothar Walther lapped match grade barrel, Victrix ProAngle detachable muzzle brake, 7 shot singe feed/single stack (Pugio V) or 10 shot double stack/double feed (Pugio T) mag., dual stage trigger, buttstock w/horizontal and vertical adjustments, octagonal forend, with (Pugio V) or w/o detachable carry handle, action rail, gun case, hardcoat black anodized (Pugio T only), Dark Grey, Dark ODG, or Medium Flat Brown Cerakote finish, optional side rails on forend w/M-LOK system, 5.7 lbs. Importation began 2022.
.22 LR cal., Lothar Walther hammer-forged steel rifled barrel, single feed/single stack 10 round polymer mag., monoblock light alloy chassis, buttstock w/horizontal and vertical multi-button adjustments, insulated cheek piece, integrated Anschutz-type and Arca rail, M-LOK system and QD attachments, Orobic Blue finish. Importation began 2022.