Previous manufacturer located in France. Previously imported by Waverly Arms Co. located in Suffolk, VA.


12, 16 or 20 ga., boxlock, 28 in. barrels, auto ejectors, straight grip French walnut stock, double triggers, case colored receiver, light engraving. Importation disc. 1987.
similar to Model 315 E, except has satin finish receiver engraved with bouquets of fine English scrollwork, trigger guard and forearm also engraved. Importation disc. 1987.
12, 16 or 20 ga., sidelock, 28 in. barrels, selective ejectors, double triggers, extensive scroll engraving on coin finish receiver, English style stock of extra fancy French walnut. Importation disc. 1987.
same general features as the Model 315 EGL, except monobloc barrel construction, extensive game scene engraving, and grand deluxe walnut stock and forearm with extra fine hand-checkering. Importation disc. 1987.