Previous manufacturer located in Wichita, KS.


available in 8 cals. between .22 LR and .357 Mag., single shot, break open action, stainless steel, adj. sights, 10 or 14 in. barrel, adj. sights or scope mounts, smooth walnut stocks and forearm. Disc. 1994.
assorted cals. to .308 Win., 11 1/4 in. barrel, action has left-hand bolt for shooting with right hand, deluxe walnut, custom made, 3 lbs. 15 oz. Disc. 1997.
similar to Wichita Classic, except is extensively engraved.
.308 Win. or 7mm/IHMSA cal., adj. trigger and sights, 14 15/16 in. barrel, center grip walnut stock, rear grip, 4 1/2 lbs. Left-hand action for shooting with right hand. Disc. 1994.
.308 Win. or 7mm/IHMSA cal., fiberthane (disc. 1987) or walnut (new 1988) stock, choice of MK-40, Silhouette, or Classic configuration, 13 in. barrel, adj. trigger, multi-range sights, 4 1/2 lbs. Disc. 1994.
features 11 1/4 in. octagon barrel, AAA walnut stock, 3 lbs. 15 oz. Disc. 1994.
.222 Rem., 6 PPC, or .22 Cheetah cal., uses WBR 1200 action, rear grip, 18 in. stainless steel Douglas barrel. Mfg. 1994-98.
.17-222, .17-222 Mag., .222 Rem., .222 Rem. Mag., .223 Rem., 6x47mm, and other cals. up to and including .308 Win. cal., single shot, select walnut, 21 in. octagon barrel, Canjar trigger, no sights, 7 lbs. Disc.
similar to WCR, except available only in Varmint cals. (up to and including .308 Win.) and round barrel. Disc. 1997.
available in most cals., grey fiberthane stock, 24 in. match grade barrel, 2 oz. Canjar trigger, no sights, 9 lbs. Disc. 1995.
Mag. cals., stainless steel only. Disc. 1984.