Previous firearms manufacturer and luxury retailer located in London, England, from 1999-2020. Formerly known as William R. Asprey. William R. Asprey was the 7th generation of the renowned Asprey family who established their first business in 1781. William & Son continued the family tradition of building best quality English guns until its closing.
A competent appraisal is highly suggested for used Asprey and William & Son rifles and shotguns, as all guns were built to custom order. Older guns need to be appraised individually based on condition, gauge, engraving, and possible accessories.
Pricing did not include English VAT.


standard cals. include .243 Win., .270 Win., .308 Win., or .375 H&H, Mauser or Mannlicher action, 3/4 rib with standard and two-folding leaf rear sight, best quality pistol grip walnut stock with traditional cheekpiece, custom order only, Magnum or short action and scopes are priced upon individual quotation only. Disc.
various cals. up to .577, sidelock ejector with engraved reinforced action, DT, pinless lockplates, best quality walnut, folding leaf rear sight on 3/4 rib, includes scroll engraving, leather case with accessories. Limited mfg. until 2018.
12, 16, or 20 ga., best quality sidelock ejector model, DTs, scroll engraving standard, best quality checkered walnut, custom order only. Disc., reintroduced 2020 only.
12 or 20 ga., trigger plate action, best quality sidelock ejector model, SST, best quality checkered walnut, large scroll engraving standard, custom order only. Disc.
available in 12 ga.-.410 bore, best quality sidelock ejector model, scroll engraving standard, DTs, best quality checkered walnut, custom order only. Disc. 2020.