Current trademark established in 1982 and currently manufactured by Keystone Sporting Arms, located in Milton, PA. Previously manufactured by Rogue Rifle Co., Inc., located in Lewiston, ID, 2001-2007. Previously located in Prospect, OR from 1997-2001. Previously manufactured by Oregon Arms, Inc. located in Prospect, OR 1988-1996, and by Chipmunk Manufacturing located in Medford, OR until 1988.
Rogue Rifle Co. Inc. was purchased by Keystone Sporting Arms, LLC in Jan. 2007. Keystone is also the manufacturer of Crickett rifles (see separate listing).


.22 LR cal., bolt action design with 14 7/8 in. barrel, iron sights, rear grip walnut stock. Mfg. 1984-88.
.17 HMR (disc.), .17 Mach 2 (disc.), .22 LR, or .22 WMR cal., left-handed bolt action, 10 in. blued steel or stainless steel barrel, current mfg. now comes standard with threaded barrel and cap, open or TruGlo (disc.) sights, walnut stock or blue (disc.), black, brown (disc. 2020), pink (disc.), purple (disc.), or camo laminate target style stock, current mfg. has Barracuda style forend, ergonomic grip, drilled and tapped. New 2005.
.17 HMR (disc.), .17 Mach 2 (disc.), .22 WMR (disc.), or .22 LR cal., free floating (standard, disc.) or bull blued steel or stainless steel barrel, no sights, ergonomic pistol grip, receiver Picatinny rail, skeletonized thumbhole (disc.), walnut (disc. 2020), or laminated stock in black (disc. 2019), brown (disc.), or camo.
.17 HMR (mfg. 2002-disc), .17 Mach 2 (mfg. 2005-disc.), .22 WMR (disc. 1987, reintroduced 1999-disc.), .22 Short, Long, or LR cal., youth model, 16 1/8 in. blued steel or stainless steel barrel and 12 in. LOP, iron sights (adj. aperture rear) or Truglo sights (mfg. 2005-disc.), choice of black coated wood stock (disc.), walnut, black, camo (new 2022), or brown laminate (mfg.1999-disc., reintroduced 2022), camo (new 2002, various colored woods), synthetic (mfg. 2004-disc.), birch (mfg. 2006-disc.), or uncheckered Monte Carlo walnut stock, 2 1/2 (standard barrel) or 4 (bull barrel, disc.) lbs. New circa 1982.
.22 LR cal., walnut stock, Alaska "907", includes blue case. Mfg. 2020 only.
.22 LR cal., blued barrel, walnut stock with high gloss finish (black details on stock at pistol grip end and forend), includes low profile compact gloss black scope and Chipmunk logo case. New 2020.
.410 bore, single shot, manual cocking shotgun, 18 1/4 in. smoothbore barrel, walnut stock, 11 1/2 in. LOP, blue finish only, approx. 3 1/4 lbs. Mfg. mid-2002-2005.