Previous bolt action and AR-15 style rifle manufacturer, located in Dallas, GA until 2007.
On Aug. 20, 2007, Cobb Manufacturing was purchased by Bushmaster, and manufacture was moved to Bushmaster's Maine facility. Please refer to the Bushmaster section for more information.


.50 BMG cal., straight pull bolt action, lightweight tactical rifle, standard A2 style stock, ergonomic pistol grip, parkerized finish, Lothar Walther 22 or 30 in. barrel, recoil reducing Armalite muzzle brake, padded Mil-spec sling, includes two 10 shot mags., detachable M60 bipod, watertight case, 29 lbs. Disc. 2007.
available in a variety of calibers from 9mm Para. to .338 Lapua, offered in MCR 100, MCR 200, MCR 300, and MCR 400 configurations, variety of stock, barrel, and finish options. Mfg. 2005-2007.