Previous trademark of semi-auto style firearms imported and distributed by High Standard Manufacturing Company, located in Houston, TX.


5.45x39mm cal., chrome-lined barrel, choice of side folding stock with wood forend furniture or fixed stock. Mfg. in U.S. Disc. 2016.
7.62x39mm cal., underfolding stock. Disc. 2016.
7.62x39mm cal., side folding stock. Disc.
7.62x39mm cal., underfolding stock. Disc.
7.62x38mm cal., black polymer stock, Russian, Egyptian or Polish configurations. Disc.
5.45x39mm cal., Bulgarian style mfg., choice of wood or polymer furniture. Disc.
7.62x39mm cal., AK-47 design with milled receiver, choice of Yugoslavian Zastava or other Eastern Bloc mfg. Disc.
5.56 NATO cal., AR-15 style, GIO, choice of flat-top (no sights) or A2 configuration, 20 in. barrel with flash hider, black synthetic fixed or collapsible stock, 30 shot mag. Disc.
5.56 NATO cal., GIO, 16 in. barrel with muzzle brake, choice of flat-top or A2 configuration, M4 6-position collapsible stock. Disc.