Previous Italian popular military models manufactured since 1891.


9mm Glisenti cal., 4 in. barrel, 7 shot mag., checkered wood grips, official Italian service pistol of both WWI and WWII, 32 oz.
similar to Glisenti Model 1910, except utilizes simplified mfg. techniques, mostly sold to civilians.
9mm Para. cal., large experimental semi-auto, early pistols were DA and marked "Sosso", late guns were SA and built by FNA. All Sosso pistols feature a unique continuous "chain link" 19 or 21 shot mag. Approx. 5 guns mfg.
6.5x52mm Carcano cal., integrated 6 shot mag. that forms front part of trigger guard housing, 18 (carbine) or 31 (rifle) in. barrel, straight bolt handle, adj. sight, military stock, carbine has either folding or detachable bayonet, mfg. in Italian Govt. Arsenals, located in Terni, Brescia, Torre Annuziata, and Torino circa 1891-1918. Approx. 3.5-4 million mfg.
7.35x52mm Carcano cal., similar to 1891, except turned down bolt handle, 21 in. barrel and folding bayonet.