Previous importer and distributor located in Harrisburg, PA. Kassnar Imports operations ceased April, 1989.
Kassnar also imported Churchill and Omega shotguns which can be found in their individual section.


9mm Para. cal., double action, patterned after the Browning Hi-Power, 4 2/3 in. barrel, spur hammer, blue metal, checkered walnut grips, 14 shot mag., 36 oz. Limited importation was stopped in late 1985.
9mm Para. cal., single action, patterned after the Browning Hi-Power, 4 3/4 in. barrel, 13 shot mag., cone hammer, checkered walnut grips, 32 oz.
This model was manufactured by FEG, please refer to FEG in the F section.
.25 ACP cal., single action semi-auto pistol, patterned after the Baby Browning, 2 in. barrel, 6 shot mag., fixed sights, checkered black plastic grips, blue finish.