Current trademark of shotguns established in 1985, and manufactured in Istanbul, Turkey. Currently imported by TriStar located in N. Kansas City, MO. Previously imported by Mossberg on a private label basis and Legacy Sports International, LLC, late 2004-2005, located in Alexandria, VA.
Current trademarks owned by Khan Arms include: Arista, A-Tac, Duo-Sys, K100 (disc.), K200 (disc.), K500, K213 (disc.), K226 (disc.), Kine-Sys (disc.), MXL, Matrix, SXL (disc.), Setter Premium, Stylox, VP, and Venator. These trade names are mostly marketed and sold throughout Europe. In 2016, Khan changed its name to Khan Arms. Currently, TriStar Sporting Arms, Ltd. has a contract for importing private labeled Khan shotguns into the U.S. Please contact or refer to TriStar section for more information and listings.


12, 20, 28 ga., or .410 bore, 3 in. chambers (except for 28 ga.), 26 or 28 in. VR barrels with multi-chokes (fixed chokes on .410 bore), extractors, SST, matte blue (Field) or bright blue (Deluxe) metal finish, light engraving, choice of satin finish (Field) or polished select finish (Deluxe) walnut stock, 5.7-7.9 lbs. Disc.
12 ga., 2 3/4 in. chambers, ejectors, 28 in. barrels, ST, otherwise similar to Arthemis Field, 8 lbs. Disc.
12 ga., 2 3/4 in. chambers, bright blue metal, hammerless boxlock action, extractors, polished select wood stock and forearm, 20 in. barrels with fixed cyl. bore chokes, 6.9 lbs.