Previous firearms manufacturer established circa 1907, located in Gladstone, MI. Marble Gun Sights (current company name) currently manufactures sights, knives, and compasses.
In addition to axes and compasses, Marble Arms & Mfg. Co. also manufactured its Game Getter O/U combination gun from approx. 1907 to the early 1950s. During this period of production, the gun underwent quite a few changes including sights (an aperture sight mounted on the rear backstrap was optional in 1908), different configuration folding metal stock, and other changes.
During 2009, Marble Gun Sights announced plans to release the third generation of its Game Getter, but while a few prototypes were made, it never reached production.


starting manufacture in 1908, 2 variations of the Model 1908 Game Getter were offered, the 1908A featured a flexible rear sight mounted behind the hammer and the 1908B had a filler blank in that space. The 1908s featured a .22 cal. rifled top barrel, and in standard configuration, a smoothbored bottom barrel chambered for the .44 round ball or .44 shot. Very late in production, chambering for the 2 in. .410 could be ordered. Standard barrel lengths were 12, 15, and 18 in., but Marbles was ready to please their customers, and on special order 8, 10, 17, and 22 in. barrels were made, some were even shipped from the factory fitted with silencers, and very few guns were ordered without the milling for the round tubular folding stock. A pivoting striker on the hammer was used to select the barrel to be fired, and the tip-up barrels were opened by pressing the trigger guard to the rear. The top frame featured a folding leaf sight, and the front barrel band incorporated the front sight, the grips were checkered black hard rubber with fleur-de-lis design. On very early 1908 guns, the buttplate was a separate piece secured to the tubing with 2 screws and later stocks were all one-piece. A few guns were built with bottom barrels chambered for .25-20 & .32-20, but these are very rare. The gun was shipped in a dovetailed wooden box with sliding lid, and included a shoulder holster, cleaning rod, and directions for use. The first 1908 was shipped from the factory June 21, 1909, and serial letters A-M were used. Then, starting with serial number 1, they continued through 9981, and the last gun was shipped from the factory May 22, 1918.
the 1921 was an entirely new gun, with similar barrel lengths (12, 15, or 18 in.), not nearly as pleasing in appearance as the 1908. The same barrel lengths were standard, but the bottom barrel was chambered for the 2 in. .410. In 1924, the standard chamber was changed to 2 1/2 in. .410. It featured a bag style, oiled walnut grip, and a unique "Triple Combination Rear Sight," which was developed and made only for this model. A number of guns in the 14,000 to 16,000 serial number range can be found with brown plastic grips, conventional "v" notch rear sight adjustable for elevation. The 1921 featured a folding and hinged 3 piece stock with an improved lock which eliminated wobble, but had no adjustment for drop. It also had a shorter action than the 1908, which was a faster action, and the hammer rebounded to a safety notch after firing. As with the 1908 Model, Marbles would accomodate the wishes of the customer, and barrels as short as 8 in. can be found. Some guns were ordered choke bored, and some were chambered just for .44 Game Getter on the bottom barrel. A few had no provision for stock, at least 2 were shipped in .32-20, and as records are not complete, .38-40 cal. models are known to exist and calibers like the .25-20 are thought to exist. Supplied with a heavy cardboard box, shoulder holster, cleaning rod and instructions. First shipment was serial number 10,001 - shipped to William L. Marble, the west coast representative, on Oct. 4, 1921. Serial range 10,000-20,076.