Current trademark manufactured by Fabryka Broni Lucznik-Radom Sp. zo.o., located in Radom, Poland. Previously imported on a limited basis by I.O., Inc., located in Monroe, NC. Previously manufactured 1925-1945 by the Polish Arsenal located in Radom, Poland & Steyr, Austria. Post WWII also manufactured by Z.M. Lucznik (Radom Factory) in Radom, Poland. Recent importation was by Dalvar of U.S.A., located in Seligman, AZ. Previously located in Richardson, TX and Henderson, NV.
Please refer to Fabryka Broni Lucznik - Radom Sp. zo.o. section for more information on current or recently imported models.

RADOM Models

Nagant design, dated 1931-36.
9mm Para. cal., 8 shot, blue finish, 4 3/4 in. barrel, fixed sights, black VIS/FB plastic grips. Mfg. 1935 through WWII.
eagle logo, unblued barrel, rust blue, lanyard loop, ser. no. 01-49000, dated 1936, 1937 (rarest date), 1938, or 1939.
9mm Para. cal., eagle logo and WaA marks, rust blue, all 3 levers, lanyard loop, many small parts serial numbered, ser. no. range 47400-49500.
9mm Para. cal., rust blue, unblued barrel, lanyard loop, black VIS/FB plastic grips, many small parts ser. numbered, ser. nos. 01-12500 & 1/A0001-1/E8000 (1st Series) prefix.
9mm Para. cal., salt blue, lanyard loop, early e/WaA77 on left frame and slide changes to later e/77, some brown VIS/FB plastic grips, a few with pressed VIS/FB wood grips, serial numbered 1/E8001-1/Z1000 (1st Series) prefix.
9mm Para. cal., lanyard loop, salt blue, e/77 on left side of slide and frame, brown plastic VIS/FBN grips common, pressed VIS/FB wood grips rarely seen, serial numbered 1/Z1001-2/H8900.
9mm Para. cal., salt blued or phosphate exterior with blued small parts also on phosphate models, serial numbered in late 2/A or 2/B with e/77 on left side of slide and frame and 2/H8901 through 2/K w/o e/77 on left side of slide and frame, e/623 on front left side of trigger guard, many with grooved wood grips, mostly all Steyr mfg.
9mm Para. cal., rough milled phosphate exterior, some "blank" slides noted, wood grips, serial numbered approx. 2/K1440-2/K2400, mostly all Steyr mfg.
9mm Para. cal., patterned after the 1937 P-35, large Polish eagle stamped on left side of slide, with or w/o slotted rear grip strap for shoulder stock, 4 1/2 in. barrel, 36 oz. Limited mfg. 1997 only.
9x18mm Makarov cal., 6 shot mag., 3 1/4 in. barrel, fixed sights, blue finish, checkered composition grips, 6.1 in. OAL, 22.4 oz. Rare. Disc.
Polish copy w/manual safety, well made. Disc.
7.62x25 cal., includes two mags. and cleaning rod, mfg. FB Radom, Poland 1947-1950.
7.62x25 cal., includes two mags. and cleaning rod, mfg. by Radom in Poland 1950-1954.
9x18mm Makarov cal., 8 shot mag., available in Standard Military Issue or Special Eagle Limited Edition, loaded chamber indicator, firing pin block safety, steel receiver with external hammer, 3 1/2 in. barrel, drift adj. target sights, checkered composition grips, 26 oz. Imported 1994 (Standard Military Issue), 1997-circa 2008.
9mm Makarov cal., similar to the Vanad P-83, except decocking lever is on the frame instead of the slide, black oxide finish, 3.9 in. barrel. Disc.
9mm Para. cal., single or double action with firing pin block, external hammer, ambidextrous hammer drop safety, 4 1/2 in. barrel, two matching number mags., 37 oz. Limited importation 1997 only.
9mm Para. cal., similar to Mag 95, except has two matching mags., holster, and cleaning rod. Most of these are police/military trade-ins. Disc.
9mm Para. cal., patterned after the WWII Radom pistol, supplied with case. New 2011.