Previous manufacturer located in Jyvaskyla, Finland. Previously imported by Stoeger Industries, Inc. located in South Hackensack, NJ.
The Valmet line was discontinued in 1989 and replaced by Tikka in 1990. Please refer to Tikka in the T section.


.223 Rem., .243 Win., .30-06 (scarce), or .308 Win. cal., gas operated semi-auto, Kalashnikov action, 20 1/2 in. barrel, checkered walnut stock and forearm, matte finished metal, 5, 9, or 20 shot mag., 8 lbs. New 1986, Federal legislation disc. importation 1989.
7.62x39mm cal., semi-auto version of Finnish M-62, 15 or 30 shot mag., 16 5/8 in. barrel, gas operated, rotating bolt, adj. rear sight, tube steel or wood stock. Mfg. 1962-disc.
similar to M62/S, except .223 Rem. cal., stamped metal receiver, tube steel, reinforced resin, or wood stock. Disc.
.223 Rem., 7.62x39mm, or .308 Win. cal., long stroke GPO, 16 3/4 in. or 20 1/2 (.308 only) in. barrel, 15 or 30 (7.62x39mm only) shot mag., stamped or milled receiver, fixed or folding tube steel, plastic, or wood stock, parkerized finish., Federal legislation disc. importation 1989.
.223 Rem., 7.62x39mm, or .308 Win. cal., similar to Model 76, except has 24 1/2 in. barrel, stamped or milled receiver, reinforced trunnion on stamped receiver variant, wood stock and forearm, and barrel bipod, 11 lbs. New 1987. Federal legislation disc. importation 1989.
.223 Rem. cal., long stroke GPO, bullpup design, 17 in. barrel, 15 or 30 shot mag., steel receiver encased in plastic stock housing, fixed dioptical iron offset sights, urethane stock, 7.75 lbs. Mfg. 1978-1986 with limited importation.
12 ga., 26, 28, or 30 in. barrels, various chokes, boxlock, SST, checkered stock. Mfg. 1947-68.
interchangeable barrel assemblies permit a double rifle, shotgun/rifle, and O/U shotgun configuration, user-installed interchangeable barrels, monobloc locking, rifle barrel positioning by adjustment, SST, extractors or ejectors, checkered walnut stock and forend, cocking indicators, blue finish. Importation on all models was disc. 1989.
12 ga. was standard, auto ejectors, screw-in choke tubes, matte nickel finish. Imported 1986-89.
12 ga. only, 2 3/4 and 3 in. chambers, ejectors. Disc. 1988.
12 ga., Monte Carlo stock on Trap model, 28 in. barrels on Skeet model, screw-in chokes standard. Disc.
similar to Model 412ST Trap and Skeet, except has better walnut and checkering. Imported 1987-89.
combination, 12 ga, 3 in. chamber over choice of .222 Rem., .223 Rem., .243 Win., .30-06, or .308 Win. cal., extractors. Disc.
.243 Win. (disc. 1987), .30-06, .308 Win. (disc. 1987), .375 H&H Mag. (disc. 1987), or 9.3x74R cal., extractors, 24 in. barrels. Disc.
.30-06 or .308 Win. cal. only, 24 in. separated barrels, extractors. Importation disc. 1986.