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Values listed for models in the Revolvers: Single Action, Pistols: Semi-Auto, .45 ACP, Rifles, and Shotgun categories reflect America Remembers most recent issue prices. These do not necessarily represent secondary marketplace prices. No other values are listed since America Remembers limited edition firearms do not appear that frequently in the secondary marketplace. This is because America Remembers typically sells to consumers directly, without involving normal gun dealers and distributors. Because of this consumer direct sales program, many gun dealers do not have a working knowledge about what America Remembers firearms are currently selling for. The publisher suggests that those people owning America Remembers Limited/Special Editions contact America Remembers directly for current information, including secondary marketplace liquidity.
While not specifically mentioned, the firearms listed below all have various degrees of ornamentation and other embellishments (including some inscriptions).
Please refer to the Blue Book of Modern Black Powder Arms (also available online) for more information and prices on America Remembers black powder models. Black Powder Reproductions & Replicas by Dennis Adler is also an invaluable source for most black powder reproductions and replicas, and includes hundreds of color images on most popular makes/models, provides manufacturer/trademark histories, and up-to-date information on related items/accessories for black powder shooting -