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A&S Famars manufactured some of the world's finest rifles and shotguns - approx. 100 were fabricated annually. Most Famars guns included a lifetime warranty. Because every A&S Famars longarm was an individual custom order, each Famars firearm must have its value ascertained on an individual appraisal basis, with the major considerations being original condition, bore/gauge or caliber, overall configuration, and both the amount of engraving and the notoriety of the engraver.
All A&S Famars shotguns incorporated a patented A&S Famars mechanism, and many were available in Hunting, Trap, Skeet, Sporting Clays, and Pigeon configurations.
Previously manufactured guns had base prices listed only, and values and options are in euros. On discontinued models, used gun prices are in dollars. Further information and price quotations were available by contacting the distributors directly.
A&S Famars models recently manufactured and listed are broken down into three basic grades. The Extra grade was English scroll, Purdey style engraving, with quality 4 wood, and leather case. The Prestige grade was game scene or full English scroll engraving, with quality 4 wood and leather case. The De Luxe grade included very detailed, deep ornamental or ornamental and game scene engraving, exhibition quality wood, and leather case.


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