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Blue Book of Gun Values


Previous manufacturer located in New Haven, Hamden, and East Hartford, CT. High Standard Mfg. Co. was founded in 1926. They entered the firearms business when they purchased Hartford Arms and Equipment Co. in 1932. The original plant was located in New Haven, CT. During WWII High Standard operated plants in New Haven and Hamden. After the war, the operations were consolidated in Hamden. In the late 1940s and early 1950s the pistol plant was located in East Haven but the guns continued to be marked New Haven. In 1968, the company was sold to the Leisure Group, Inc. A final move was made to East Hartford, CT in 1977 where they remained until the doors were closed in late 1984. In early 1978, the Leisure Group sold the company to the management and the company became High Standard, Inc.

Many collectors have realized the rarity and quality factors this trademark has earned. 13 different variations (Models C, A, D, E, H-D, H-E, H-A, H-B First Model, G-380, GD, GE, and Olympic, commonly called the GO) had a total production of less than 28,000 pistols. For these reasons, top condition High Standard pistols are getting more difficult to find each year.
As a final note on High Standard pistols, they are listed under the following category names: Letter Series, Letter Series w/Hammer, Lever Letter Series, Lever Name Series, 100 Series, 101 Series, 102 Series, 103 Series, 104 Series, 105 Series, 106 Series - Military Models, 107 Series, Conversion Kits, and SH Series.
Note: catalog numbers were not always consistent with design series, and in 1966-1967 changed with accessories offered, but not design series.
The approx. ser. number cut-off for New Haven, CT marked guns is 442,XXX.
The approx. ser. number range for Hamden, CT marked guns is 431,XXX-2,500,811, G 1,001-G 13,757 (Shipped) or G15,650 (Packed) or ML 1,001-ML 23,065. One exception is a 9211 Victor serial number 3,000,000 shipped 1 March, 1974.
The first gun shipped 16 June, 1977 from E. Hartford was a Victor 9217 serial number EH0001.
The approx. ser. number ranges for E. Hartford, CT manufacture is ML 25,000-ML 86,641 and SH 10,001-SH 34,034. One exception is a single gun numbered ML90,000.
All "V" marked guns were shipped during June 1984 or later independent of serial number.
Original factory boxes have become very desirable. Prices can range from $50-$100 for a good condition Model 106 or 107 factory box to over $150 for an older box of a desirable model.


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