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Laurona was founded in Eibar during 1941 by four craftsmen (hence the name Laurona, which in Basque, means "of the four"), each a specialist in a discipline of shotgun mfg. Laurona made SxS guns until 1978, at which time they discontinued SxS models in order to concentrate on the O/U marketplace.
Laurona manufactured good quality O/U shotguns and O/U express rifles/combination guns. Beginning 1992, Laurona switched from a one-piece, demi-block type of fabrication to a monobloc system, which has improved strength characteristics while reducing weight in their X-Series line of shotguns and express rifles.
Laurona long guns came standard with a black chrome metal finish that is extremely resistant to oxidation. Left hand stocks were available for the 83 MG Super Game, 85 MS Super Game, Trap, and Super Skeet, Silhouette Trap models, and Silhouette Sporting Clays.
Suffix designations on Laurona shotguns refer to the following: G - twin non-selective triggers, S - selective single trigger, M - multi-chokes, T - Tulip, BV - beavertail, U - single non-selected triggers.
All Super Game Models were available with a deluxe package which includes a recoil pad, mid-bead sight, and select wood for an additional $250. Special order dull matte finished barrels (with multi-chokes) were available for an additional $200 - extra barrels were priced between $635 (20 ga.) or $800 (12 ga.) per set.


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