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Beginning in 2014, Sarsilmaz introduced the SAR 223 semi-auto rifle and the 109T submachine gun. All rifles are gas piston operated, have adjustable telescoping tactical style stocks, matte black finish, and come with a 30 shot aluminum, steel, or polymer magazine.

Models (1)

109T AR

9x19mm Para. cal., dierct blowback action, Sarsilmaz TE 54 carbine design, 8.7 in. barrel, 30 shot Colt type mag., hammer-fired Mil-Spec trigger, flip-up sight, safety switch, two-part aluminum alloy receiver, H1 buffer spring, integrated Picatinny rail, M16 style controls, case discharge on right side, matte black finish, 4.9 lbs. Importation began 2020.

Grading MSR $1,999
100% 1500
98% 1200
95% 1075
90% 950
80% 875
70% 825
60% 750