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The Tula Arms Plant is one of the world's oldest and largest gun manufacturing facilities. Plant construction began on Feb. 15, 1712, under the decree of Peter the Great. By 1720, this new plant had supplied the Russian Army with 22,000 flintlock pistols and light infantry/dragoon shotguns. By 1749, Tula was engaged in the production of cold steel used for knives, sabres, swords, etc.
Many great names and inventors have been associated with the famous Tula Arms Plant, including Ivan Pushkin, Ivan Lyalin, Ivan Polin, Sergei Ivanovich Mosin, I. Nagant, F.V. Tokarev, etc. Many famous designs and models have originated from the Tula plant over the years, including the Model 1891 Mosin-Nagant rifle, Model 1910 Maxim-type machine gun, many TOZ sporting rifles, SVT-38 WWII semi-auto rifle, Nagant revolver, SKS rifles and many different styles and variations of commercial firearms, and military machine guns.