Colt’s Double Action Revolvers – The Post-War Era

Colt’s Double Action Revolvers – The Post-War Era

by Gurney Brown
Author: Gurney Brown
Format: Hardcover



Colt’s Double Action Revolvers - The Post-War Era is the third book in a series of educational volumes related to Colt double action revolvers. Preceded by Seven Serpents - The History of Colt’s Snake Guns and Colt’s Python - King of the Seven Serpents. This book, with more than 400 pages of information and photographs, will satisfy those looking to increase their knowledge of the subject. Included is an entire chapter covering Colt’s 2017 re-entry into the double action revolver market. High resolution photographs serve to help introduce the latest variations of the Colt Cobra, King Cobra, King Cobra Target, Python, and Anaconda revolvers. Many of these are being seen in print for the first time.

  • Detailed information on more than 50 Colt double-action revolvers
  • Professional firearms photography
  • More than 600 photographs and images
  • Colt catalogs and price lists
  • Seldom seen Colt flyers and brochures
  • Most up-to-date serial number information ever published
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