Colt's Python King of the Seven Serpents

Colt's Python King of the Seven Serpents

by Gurney Brown
Author: Gurney Brown
Format: Hardcover



Colt’s Python, King of the Seven Serpents is the follow-up to Gurney Brown’s highly successful book Seven Serpents, the History of Colt’s Snake Guns. With 304 pages packed with information on every aspect of Pythonology, it includes the following:

  • More than 275 high-res digital color images depict almost all the variations, barrel lengths, finishes, sights, grips, and additional features/special order options
  • Each gun is shown with its Colt Archives letter, showing when and where that particular gun was shipped, plus its original configuration.
  • The most complete Python serial number information ever published!
  • Additional information from Colt factory catalogs, price lists, advertising flyers, and brochures.
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