The Book of Colt Memorabilia - CCA Edition

The Book of Colt Memorabilia - CCA Edition

by John Ogle
Author: John Ogle
Format: Hardcover



This special CCA (Colt Collectors Association) Limited Edition contains the same information as the regular The Book of Colt Memorabilia plus it has been signed by Colts VP of marketing, the CCA president, the author, and the publisher. Only 200 of these special CCA Limited Editions are available!

Over four years in the making and with 328 pages, The Book of Colt Memorabilia by John Ogle is the largest and most complete book ever published on the wide variety of Colt memorabilia. Over 4,500 color images help identify thousands of items.

This book is simply a must-have for every Colt enthusiast, antique dealer, or even interior decorator!

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