The Book of Colt Paper 1834-2011

The Book of Colt Paper 1834-2011

by John Ogle
Author: John Ogle
Format: Hardcover



The Book of Colt Paper 1834-2011 by John Ogle is the only book ever published on the wide variety of historical images, product catalogs and brochures, and other important Colt ephemera spanning over 175 years. With 472 pages, 22 chapters, thousands of color images with identifying text, and two Indexes, this publication is a virtual one-stop shopping center for identifying the vast amount of advertising and marketing materials Colt has produced over the centuries. Whether you are a Colt collector, dealer, investor, or simply want to know more about the company that was started by one of America’s most famous inventors and entrepreneurs, this publication is a must-have research tool, also providing you with hours of enjoyment!

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