Current trademark of firearms manufactured by Arms Corporation of the Philippines (manufacturing began 1952) established in 1985 (Armscor Precision - API). Rock Island Armory branded firearms are also being manufactured by Armscor USA, located in Pahrump, NV. The Armscor trademark is not being imported into the U.S. currently, but still exists in some foreign marketplaces. Previously imported and distributed 1999-2014 by Armscor Precision International (full line), located in Pahrump, NV. Previously imported 1995-1999 by K.B.I., Inc. located in Harrisburg, PA, by Ruko located in Buffalo, NY until 1995 and by Armscorp Precision Inc. located in San Mateo, CA until 1991.
In 1991, the importation of Arms Corporation of the Philippines firearms was changed to Ruko Products, Inc., located in Buffalo, NY. Barrel markings on firearms imported by Ruko Products, Inc. state "Ruko-Armscor" instead of the older "Armscorp Precision" barrel markings. All Armscorp Precision, Inc. models were discontinued in 1991.
The models listed also provide cross-referencing for older Armscorp Precision and Ruko imported models.
For more information on Rock Island Armory models manufactured by Armscor USA, please refer to their listing in the R section.


.45 ACP cal., patterned after the Colt Govt. Model, SA, 7 shot mag. (2 provided), 5 in. barrel, parkerized (disc. 2001), blue (new 2002), two-tone (new 2002), or stainless steel (new 2002), skeletonized combat hammer and trigger, front and rear slide serrations, hard rubber grips, 38 oz. Imported 1996-97, reintroduced 2001-2008.
.45 ACP cal., SA, Commander configuration with 4 in. barrel, otherwise similar to M-1911 A1 Standard, rear slide serrations only. Imported 2001-2008.
.45 ACP cal., SA, officer's configuration with 3 1/2 in. barrel, checkered hardwood grips, 2.16 lbs. Imported 2002-2008.
9mm Para., .40 S&W, or .45 ACP cal., 5 in. barrel, SA, customized model including many shooting enhancements, match barrel, hand fitted slide and frame, choice of checkered wood or Pachmayr grips, available in either Standard or Tactical variation, blue, two-tone or chrome finish. Imported 2002-2008.
.38 Spl. cal., 6 shot, double action, 2 1/2 (importation disc.), 4 (new 1998) or 6 (new 1998, importation disc.) in. barrel with shroud, transfer bar safety, combat style rubber grips, blue finish only, fixed rear sight, 26 oz. Imported 1996-99, reintroduced 2001-2014.
similar to Model 200, except does not have barrel shroud. Imported 2001-2008.
.38 Spl. cal., similar to Model 200, except has 2 in. barrel, checkered wood grips, and parkerized finish, 24 oz. Imported 2001-2014.
similar to Model 200, except has 4 in. VR barrel, and adj. rear sight, 28 oz. Imported 2001-2008.
.22 LR cal., single shot, youth model with 18 3/8 in. barrel. Imported 1997 only, reintroduced during 2001.
.22 LR cal., 10 shot mag., 23 in. barrel, open sights, hooded bead ramp front sight and leaf type rear sight, 6 lbs. Disc. 1997.
.22 LR cal., similar to M-14P, except has adj. rear sight and checkered mahogany stock. Importation disc. 1995.
.22 LR cal., similar action to M-14P, except has checkered stock and Schnabel forend, 10 shot mag., hard rubber buttpad, 6 lbs. Imported 1990-92.
.22 LR cal., similar to M-1500(S), except has 10 shot mag., 6.7 lbs. Imported 1996-97.
.22 LR cal., otherwise similar to M-1500SC, except has 10 shot mag. and 23 in. barrel, 6 lbs. Imported 1990-1997 and 2001-2008.
.22 LR cal., 6 or 10 shot mag., similar to M-1400, except has checkered stock and Schnabel forend, hard rubber buttpad, fiber optic front sight and adj. rear sight. New 2004.
.22 LR cal., similar to M-1400E, except has competition type stock and scalloped forearm, Monte Carlo style butt with cheekpiece. New 2004.
.22 WMR cal., deluxe bolt action, 5 shot mag., 21 1/2 or 22 5/8 in. barrel, checkered mahogany stock, open sights, 7 lbs. Disc. 1997, reintroduced 2001.
similar to M-1500, except has lightweight classic European styled stock made of checkered American Walnut, with buttpad. Imported 1990-92.
checkered American Walnut stock with hard rubber pad and Monte Carlo cheekpiece, hardwood forend tip, engine turned bolt, 7 lbs. Imported 1990-1997 and 2001-2008.
.22 Hornet cal., 5 shot mag., dual locking lugs, checkered hardwood stock, adj. rear sight, 6.6 lbs. Imported 1996-1997.
similar to M-1800S, except has checkered walnut stock with forend tip, and high polish bluing, 7 1/4 lbs. Imported 1996-1997, reintroduced during 2001.
.22 LR cal., blowback action, 10 or 15 (disc.) shot mag., 18 in. barrel, copy of the Armalite M16, ebony stock, 5 1/4 lbs. Importation disc. 2014.
.22 LR cal., similar to M-1600, except has stainless steel retractable buttstock and vent. barrel hood, 7 1/4 lbs. Importation disc. 1995, reintroduced 2008-2011.
.22 LR cal., 10 shot mag., deluxe checkered hardwood stock and forend, blue or stainless steel. Imported 2002-2008.
.22 LR cal., 15 shot mag., 20 3/4 in. barrel, open sights, 5 1/2 lbs. Disc. 1997, reintroduced during 2001, again in 2010-2014.
similar to M-20P, except has carbine style stock, barrel band, and curved steel buttplate, 16 1/2 in. barrel, 5 1/4 lbs. Previously available from K.B.I. only, disc. 2001.
.22 LR cal., 22 in. barrel, 10 or 15 shot mag., checkered hardwood stock and forend, 6 1/2 lbs. Imported 2002-2008.
same specifications as M-20P, except has checkered mahogany stock and adj. rear sight. Disc. 1997.
similar to M-2000, except has checkered American Walnut stock with cheekpiece and hardwood forend tip, engine turned bolt, 6 lbs. Imported 1990-97.
.22 LR cal., semi-auto design, 16 1/2 in. shrouded barrel, 25 or 30 shot mag., uncheckered mahogany stock, 6 1/2 lbs. Disc. 1995.
.22 LR cal., copy of the famous Russian Kalashnikov AK-47 rifle, 18 1/2 in. barrel, 10 or 15 (disc.) shot mag., mahogany stock and forearm, 7 lbs. Importation disc. 2014.
similar to M-AK22, except has metal folding stock, and 30 shot mag. Disc. 1995.
.22 LR cal., 18 in. barrel, blowback action, 15 shot detachable box mag., matte black finish, fixed synthetic stock, top Picatinny rail. Imported mid-2012-2014.
.22 LR cal., 18 in. heavy barrel, blowback action, 15 shot detachable box mag., matte black finish, skeletonized aluminum stock, top Picatinny rail, 8 lbs. Imported mid-2012-2014.
12 ga. only, 28 in. plain barrel with 3 choke tubes, 5 shot mag., uncheckered stock and forearm. Disc. 1999.
similar to Model M30 IC, except has checkered walnut stock and forearm with recoil pad. Imported 2001 only.
12 ga. only, law enforcement version of M-30, 20 in. plain barrel, iron sights, 7 shot mag., approx. 7 lbs. Importation disc. 1999, resumed during 2001.
12 ga. only, riot configuration with 20 in. barrel and vent. barrel shroud, and Speedfeed 4 shot (disc.) or 6 shot mag., regular synthetic buttstock and forearm, matte finish, 8 lbs. Imported 1996-1999 and 2001-2008.
12 ga. only, similar to M-30DG, except has front bead sight only, 5 or 7 shot mag., cyl. bore. Importation disc. 1999, reintroduced 2001-2008.
12 ga. only, 18 1/2 in. barrel, 5 shot mag., polymer pistol grip and forearm. New 2004.
similar to M-30BG, except has additional folding metal stock unit. Disc. 2008.
12 ga., 20 in. barrel, 5 shot mag., unique detachable black synthetic buttstock which allows pistol grip only operation. Disc. 1995.
12 ga. only, same action as M-30 DG, interchangeable black pistol grip, 18 1/4 in. plain barrel w/front bead sight, 6 1/4 lbs. Disc. 1995.
12 ga., 3 in. chamber, 26 in. shrouded barrel, 4 shot mag., black plastic stock and forearm, parkerized or nickel (new 2011) finish. Importation disc. 2013.