Appraisals and Evaluations

Blue Book Publications, Inc. is the ultimate clearing house for gun information. Because the volume of gun questions now requires full-time attention, we have developed a standardized policy that will enable us to provide you with the service you have come to expect from Blue Book Publications, Inc. To that end, we have extended all of these services to our website.

To ensure that the research department can answer every gun question with an equal degree of thoroughness, a massive firearms library of over 1,250 reference books, thousands of both new and old factory brochures, price sheets, most major auction catalogs, and dealer inventory listings are maintained and constantly updated. It's a huge job, and we answer every question like we could go to court on it.

We offer 2 appraisal options.

We've got a plan that's perfect for you

Self Service

Look up information and find its value yourself

$4.95 Only

Start Searching
We offer you the ability to look up information and find its value yourself by getting a Gun Values subscription.


Written Appraisals

We'll look up information and find it's value for you

$50 per gun

Fill Form
We must have good quality photos with a complete description, including manufacturer's name, model, gauge or caliber, barrel length, and other pertinent information.
On some firearms (depending on the trademark and model), a factory letter may be necessary.
Our charge for a written appraisal is $50 per gun. Please allow 2-3 weeks response time per appraisal request.

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