Current manufacturer located in Kazanlak, Bulgaria. Currently imported by Arsenal, Inc., located in Las Vegas, NV. Previously imported exclusively in 1994-1996 by Sentinel Arms located in Detroit, MI. For currently imported models, please refer to the Arsenal, Inc. listing.
The artillery arsenal in Rousse began operating in 1878, and was managed by Russian officers until 1884, when a Bulgarian was appointed the director. In 1891, the factory was transferred to Sofia, and was renamed the Sofia Artillery Arsenal until the entire facility was moved to Kazanlak in 1924. At that point, the name was changed to the State Military Factory. After WWII, the arsenal diversified into civilian production, and its Cold War security name was "Factory 10". In 1958, the first AK-47 design under Russian license came off the assembly line, and in 1982, the one millionth AK-47 had been manufactured.


9mm Makarov cal., 3 2/3 in. barrel, 8 shot mag., black synthetic grips, blue finish. Disc. 1996.
7.62x39mm cal., Kalashnikov with hardwood thumbhole stock, 16.3 in. barrel, 5 shot detachable mag., 9 lbs. Disc. 1996.
7.62x39mm cal., similar to Bulgarian SA-93 except has 20 in. barrel, with or without optics, 9 lbs. Disc. 1996.
7.62x39mm cal., Kalashnikov action, thumbhole hardwood stock, 5 shot detachable mag., 9 lbs. Disc. 1996.