Private label of shotguns previously manufactured circa 1963-1972 by B.C. Miroku, located in Kochi, Japan.
In 1971, a typhoon almost destroyed the factory. Because of this, all factory records were lost, and these earlier models cannot be researched.


12, 20, 28 ga., or .410 bore, 26, 28, or 30 in. vent. rib barrels, various chokes, boxlock, auto ejectors, SST, select walnut checkered pistol grip stock, Superior and Diamond Grade Trap have Monte Carlo stocks, the grades differ in amount of engraving and wood. Mfg. 1963-1976 by Miroku.
12 or 20 ga., light engraving.
all gauges, moderate engraving.
26 in. barrels choked skeet and skeet.
all gauges, select checkered walnut stock with round knob, scroll engraving similar to Grade I Browning Superposed.
all gauges, extensive engraving with better quality wood.
mostly 12 ga., extensive frame engraving with gold inlays, rare.
12, 16, or 20 ga., 26, 28, or 30 in. barrels, various chokes, boxlock, extractors, single trigger, checkered pistol grip stock, early production guns were made by Beretta in Italy. Mfg. 1968-1971.
12 or 20 ga., 26 or 28 in. barrels with raised or vent. rib, DT, extractors.
duck scene engraved, Diamond Grade, Trap, or Skeet, limited to 500 guns. Mfg. 1974 only.
12 ga., 32 or 34 in. vent. rib, full choke barrel, auto ejector, Monte Carlo stock with recoil pad. Mfg. 1968-1976.