Current long gun manufacturer established in 1986, and located in Innsbruck, Austria. Previously imported into North America by Beale's Guns located in Windsor, Canada. No current U.S. importation.
Fuchs manufactures extremely high quality and unique long guns, including combination guns, Drillings, double rifles, ultra luxurious double barrel repeating rifles, shotguns, Mausers, Repeaters, and a new power hunting rifle line called the Fuchs Fine Guns MH2 (Marksman Hunter 2). The Double Barrel Action Repeater patent from Szecsei is used by Fuchs Fine Guns. The company is well known for its unique magazine fed SxS double rifle, which utilizes a single bolt to load/unload both chambers. Many options are available, including a titanium bolt and trigger system. Please contact the North American office or the factory in Austria directly for more information on their current models (virtually anything is possible), including pricing, availability, and delivery time.


available in various calibers, 60% of this model is made from titanium, 4 shot magazine with 6 shot capacity, right or left-hand action, custom order engraving, finest walnut stock and forearm, 9.4 lbs.
single barrel repeater, super match grade barrel, patented trigger and bolt head, built-in interior safety mechanism. New 2014.
.408 CheyTac or .375 CheyTac cartridge, utilizes Grade 4 titanium, built to customer specifications with any imaginable engraving, 24K gold inlays, or surface coatings, 11.5 lbs. (without scope). New 2021.