Current manufacturer established in 1979, located in Jackson, SC. Direct custom order sales only.


various cals., re-machined Remington XP-100 action, Jarrett match grade stainless steel barrel, McMillan fiberglass stock, various options. Limited mfg.
.44 Mag. cal., features Hogue grips and muzzle brake. Mfg. 1995-2000.
various cals., Remington Model 700 right or left-hand action, McMillan fiberglass stock, blue receiver, Jarrett satin finish match grade barrel, sling studs and leather sling, rings and base, weights vary. Disc. 2003.
various cals. in short action only, features Remington Model 7 action (left-hand utilizes Rem. Model 700 short action), weights vary. Mfg. 1995-2003.
various small bore cals., 19-20 in. barrel, black synthetic stock. Mfg. 1999-2003.
various cals., various configurations depending on application. Mfg. 1999-disc.
various cals., various configurations, only 100 made of each series. Mfg. 1993-2003.
various cals. (standard or mag. cals.), approx. 25 in. barrel, Shilen trigger, Jarrett tri-lock stainless steel receiver, fiberglass, wood laminate, or deluxe walnut stock, helical fluted bolt with three lugs, built to special order only, 8 lbs. New 2004.
various cals. up to .30 cal., Rem. M-700 ADL action only, right or left-hand, lightweight design, 24 in. tapered barrel with muzzle brake, Shilen trigger, Jarrett ADL fiberglass, Brown Precision (disc. 2021), or carbon fiber stock, 7 1/4 lbs. New 1999.
built on customer supplied action, choice of caliber, stock style, color, barrel length and finish, with or w/o muzzle brake, supplied with 20 rounds of ammo and test target. New 2005.
Mag. cals. to customer's specifications, starting with .375 H&H, features Winchester controlled round feed Model 70 action with claw extractor and 3-position bolt shroud safety, Jarrett match grade stainless steel barrel, McMillan fiberglass stock, quarter rib with iron sights, includes 2 sets of detachable rings and two 1.75-6x32mm Leupold scopes, takedown action, includes custom built Americase.
.50 BMG cal., McMillan custom receiver, choice of repeater or single shot, 30 or 34 in. barrel with muzzle brake, 28-45 lbs. Mfg. 1999-2003.
various cals., similar to Jarrett Custom Rifle, except has many accuracy tune-ups incorporated as well as muzzle brake. 100 mfg. 1993 only.
various cals., similar to the Jarrett Custom Rifle, includes muzzle brake, matte black or Olive Drab finish, Model 70 style bolt release. 100 mfg. 1995 only.
various cals., similar quality as the Jarrett Custom Rifle, except many extra cost special order options are included, ser. numbered 1-100. Mfg. 1994 only.
various cals., various barrel lengths, Jarrett Tri-lock receiver, aluminum floorplate, with or w/o muzzle brake, Kevlar/fiberglass pistol grip stock available in a variety of colors, 8 lbs. New 2009.
.30 Jarrett cal., 26 in. (hunting) standard or 27 in. (target) heavy barrel, Jewell trigger, highly polished metal (choice of colors), Kevlar/fiberglass pistol grip stock (choice of colors), 8 (hunting) or 12 (target) lbs. New 2009.
various cals., features Jarrett short action. Disc. 2021.
various cals., aircraft aluminum frame, two-part epoxy barrier provides moisture impervious finish, hand lapped, free floated barrel, three separate stock patterns – English, Estate, and Ultimate Classic, hand checkered 28-year-old American black walnut stock, trapdoor floorplate, decelerator pad, Talley rings and bases. New mid-2013.
various cals., Remington-style action, Jarrett hand-lapped barrel, adj. trigger, Jarrett custom stock, extended bolt knob, all-weather coating, muzzle brake, load development, and Picatinny rail (optional). New 2017.
various cals., hand lapped barrel with 1/10th of 1/1000th deviation, muzzle brake, Shilen or Jewell trigger, checkered American black walnut stock, available in English, Estate, or Grand Classic stocks, trapdoor floorplate, Jarrett Tri-Lock left or right-hand receiver, decelerator recoil pad, rings and bases by Talley Mfg. Inc., 8 lbs. Disc.
.22 LR cal., reworked Ruger 10/22 action, 18 in. barrel, McMillan or Brown Precision synthetic stock. Mfg. 1999-2003.
12 ga., Remington Model 870 action with 21 in. hand lapped barrel with interchangeable chokes, 8 shot mag. extension, matte black or OD Green finish. Disc. 1999.