Previous manufacturer and trademark located in Pavia, Italy. Previously distributed by AWA USA, located in Hialeah, FL. Limited U.S. importation and distribution by American Western Arms, located in Delray Beach, FL until 2004. Previously imported 2000-2001 by Keisler's Wholesale, located in Jeffersonville, IN, and by American Arms, Inc. until late 1999. Previously manufactured by Macchine Termo Balistiche located in Italy. Older mfg. has had little domestic importation.


.45 ACP cal., choice of dual tone blue or hard chrome, 8 shot mag. Mfg. 2003-2008.
various cals. (older mfg.), most recent mfg. is .357 Mag./.38 Spl., .44 Mag., or .454 Casull cal., combination semi-auto pistol and revolver, action allows cylinder and slide assembly to move back when fired, causing the cylinder to rotate, unique design permits barrel to fire lowest shell in cylinder (6 o┬┤clock position), mechanism to rear of cylinder, single or double action, 6, 7 (older mfg.), or 8 (older mfg.) shot, 3, 4, 6, or 8 in. barrel, steel/alloy frame, blue finish, flared ergonomic walnut grips, interchangeable barrels, 2 3/4 lbs. Approx. 2,000 mfg. in all variations circa 1977-2005.
offered in several calibers: .22, .32 S&W, .38 Spl., .357 Mag. Predecessor to 6 Unica. Production limited to about 500 revolvers, of which a few were carbines.