Previous manufacturer of rifles 1886-1922 and airguns 1871-1943, located in Herkimer, NY.
For more information on Quackenbush airguns, including the combination rimfire/airgun, please refer to the Blue Book of Airguns - also available as an online subscription.


.22 cal. rimfire, swinging breech, 18 (most common) or 22 in. barrel, walnut stock with straight grip, nickel, brown, or blue finish. Mfg. 1886-1922.
.22 cal. rimfire, 18 in. barrel only, wire stock, swinging breech, tubular receiver, nickel, or blue finish. Approx. 8,000 mfg. 1890-1920.
.22 cal. rimfire, 12 in. barrel, fixed rear sight, retractable wire stock and wire pistol grip, swinging breech, nickel or blue finish. Only 4,321 were sold during 1896-1919.