America's first federal armory located in Springfield, MA. Production began in 1795 and an Act of Congress made it an official federal arsenal in 1872. This government owned armory was closed in 1968 and the "Springfield Armory" trademark was sold to a private individual in the early 1970s, and evolved into the current Springfield Armory. Not associated with the private firm of the same name located in Geneseo, IL.
In recent years, collectors have realized that military specimens in 90%-100% original condition are very rare and desirable. Since the supply of these guns is limited, values listed for these condition factors may actually be a little under current market values, especially auction pricing. On Springfields and other U.S. military long arms, the importance of the wood being original, unsanded, and with crisp, clear cartouches cannot be overstated.


.50 cal. centerfire, 32 5/8 in. barrel, not serial numbered, 22,013 mfg.
.50 cal. centerfire, 36 in. barrel, not serial numbered, 10,001 mfg.
.45-70 Govt. cal., 32 5/8 in. barrel, 2 bands. Approx. 73,000 mfg. between 1873-77.
.45-70 Govt. cal., 32 5/8 in. barrel, 2 bands. Approx. 232,000 mfg. between 1885-1890.
22 in. barrel, half stock, single barrel band/stacking swivel, 20,000 made, but semi-scarce.
.45-70 Govt. cal., 29 1/2 in. barrel, stacking swivel, no sling swivels.
.45-70 Govt. cal., 477 mfg. between 1875 and 1886, 26 in. barrel, single barrel band. Not serial numbered, some dated, three different types, with First Type being the most desirable (approx. 125 mfg. 1875-1877), Second Type had approx. 250 mfg. 1877-1881, and Third Type has approx. 100 mfg. during 1885 only, not issued by U.S. government, but sold to Army officers for sporting use.
.45-70 Govt. cal., 22 in. barrel, "C" rear sight to 1,200 yards. Mfg. 2,946.
.45-70 Govt. cal., 29 1/2 in. barrel. 1,050 mfg.
.45-70 Govt. cal., no stacking swivel. Approx. 15,000 mfg.
.45-70 Govt. cal., stacking swivel but no sling swivels. 5,000 mfg.
.45-70 Govt. cal., combination triangular, sliding type, bayonet-ramrod. 1,001 mfg.
32 1/2 in. barrel, 143 rifles in .45-70 US Govt. cal. were manufactured at Springfield Armory in 1875, as per 1874 Congressional appropriation of $10,000. Rifles were issued to companies of the 1st and 20th Infantry Regiments for field trials. Rifles were withdrawn, declared surplus and purchased by Bannerman's who later sold them in his catalog for $36.
.45-70 Govt. cal., similar to Model 1879 Carbine with 22 in. barrel, half stock, single barrel band, Buffington rear sight, barrel band grooved on top to allowing for sight leaf to rest, approx. ser. no. range 325,000 - 480,000. Approx. 20,000 mfg. 1886-1889.
.30-06 cal., bolt action, mfg. by Springfield Armory and Rock Island Arsenal, 24 in. barrel. Mfg. 1903-1930.
.30-06 cal., similar to U.S. Model 1903 Springfield, except altered for the Pedersen device, a slot is milled into the left side of receiver to act as an ejection port for use of the semi-auto bolt insert.
.30-06 cal., similar to U.S. Model 1903 Springfield, except type C pistol grip stock. Mfg. 1930-1939.
.30-06 cal., similar to 1903, with production modifications, aperture rear sight, no finger groove in forestock, lower quality finish, stamped floorplate and barrel band. Mfg. WWII by Remington and Smith Corona.
.30-06 cal., with M73B1 or M84 scope in Redfield mount, no front sight.
.30-06 cal., similar to 1903, with hand selected and custom fit parts, produced for target shooting. "NRA" and flaming bomb proofed on trigger guard with 1915 date.
.30-06 cal., similar to National Match, with sporter stock and Lyman sight.
.30-06 cal., 26, 28, or 30 in. barrel, similar to Sporter, heavy barrel, globe sight, and target bases.
.30-06 cal., similar to Style T, with 28-30 in. barrel, and Swiss hook butt.
.30-06 cal., similar to Type A, with double-set triggers, cheekpiece stock, modified firing pin.
.22 LR cal., Target Rifle, 5 shot mag., 24 in. barrel, modified 1903, Lyman receiver sight, sporter stock, issued 1927.
not tapped for scope, without forend grooves, blue finish. Issued 1922-26.
similar to 1922 M1, except improved lock time, adj. head space bolt design.
.30-06 cal., headless cocking piece, 24 in. tapered very heavy barrel, Lyman 48B and 48C receiver and undercut blade front sights.
20 ga., 1,376 mfg. 1881-1885. Be cautious when purchasing.