Previous manufacturer and exporter located in Brisbane, Australia until circa 2009. Previously, Australian International Arms worked in cooperation with ADI Limited Lithgow, formerly Small Arms Factory, known for its SMLE No. I MKIII and L1A1 rifles. AIA outsourced the manufacture of its designs and specifications. Previously imported in North America by Marstar Canada, located in Ontario, Canada, and imported and distributed until 2004 by Tristar Sporting Arms, Ltd., located in N. Kansas City, MO.


MODEL 1887 Image

MODEL 1887

12 ga., 2 3/4 in. chamber, uncheckered oil finished walnut stock and forearm, blue finish, steel buttplate, 5 shot, exposed hammer with half cock, 22 in. barrel, 8 3/4 lbs. Approx. 100 units mfg. by ADI Lithgow before discontinuance due to...

M10-A2 Image


7.62x39mm cal., 16.1 in. chrome-lined barrel, 10 shot mag., Monte Carlo stock, No. 8 style forend, parkerized finish. Limited importation 2003-2004 by Tristar.

M10-B1 Image


.308 Win. cal., redesigned and improved No. 4 MK2 action, matte blue finish, all new components, teak furniture with sporter carbine style stock and steel buttplate, 22 in. barrel, adj. front sight, 10 shot mag., Picatinny rail, 8.3 lbs. Im...

M10-B2 Image


.308 Win. cal., similar to M10-B1, except has brass buttplate, gloss blue finish, 25 in. chrome-lined bull barrel, and bipod stud, 10 1/2 lbs. Imported 2006-disc.

M10-B3 Image


.308 Win. cal., similar to M10-B1, except has chrome steel buttplate, gloss blue finish, and 22 in. lightweight barrel, 7 1/2 lbs. Limited importation 2006-disc.

NO.4 MK IV Image


.308 Win. cal., parkerized finish, 25.2 in. chrome-lined medium weight barrel, teak furniture with steel buttplate, 9.1 lbs. Prototype only imported by Tristar. Limited importation beginning 2006.

M 42 Image

M 42

.308 Win. cal., 27.6 in. barrel with mahogany stock and extra cheekpiece, blue printed action, bright metal/barrel finish, includes Picatinny rail, 8.2 lbs. Imported 2003-2004.