See Chiappa Firearms USA Ltd. for current firearms listings. Chiappa Firearms Srl also manufactures firearms that are currently imported by Cimarron, Dixie Gun Works, and Taylor's & Co. Please refer to the individual headings for listings on various models.
Chiappa Firearms Srl also manufactures a complete line of percussion and flintlock black powder reproductions and replicas, including both pistols and rifles. For more information on these replicas, please refer to the Blue Book of Modern Black Powder Arms (also available online).
Current manufacturer established in 1958, and located in Brescia, Italy. Chiappa Firearms Srl (recently changed its name from Armi Sport di Chiappa Silvia & C. Snc) is one division of the Chiappa group, which includes Chiappa Firearms Srl (firearms and replica firearms manufacturer established in 1958), Chiappa Firearms USA Ltd. (firearms manufacturer), Kimar Srl (firearms manufacturer), Costa srl (metal surface finsh treatment), ACP (laser training system), FAS (airguns and target pistols), and Charles Daly brand. Currently distributed by various U.S. companies.

CHIAPPA FIREARMS Srl Firearms Models