The Hollenbeck Gun Company began circa 1901, moved to Moundsville, WV in 1903 and stayed until they went out of business in 1910. The company name changed in 1905 to The Three Barrel Gun Company (circa 1905-1909), and then to The Royal Gun Company (circa 1909-1910). The company made a total of approx. 1,500 three barrel guns, as well as a few SxS models. After going out of business, an unknown Florida man bought the name and all the assets. He assembled and sold some three barrel guns as late as 1930.
Pricing on these three-barrel shotguns with unique, sculpted recoil shields in average original condition typically ranges from $950 - $1,500 for both damascus (most common) and steel barrels. There were two basic grades - 0 and 1, but there are also shotguns with more elaborate engraving which will command a premium.
Information appears courtesy of AntiqueGuns.com and the Gurnmeister.
Previous manufacturer located in Wheeling, WV circa 1901-1903, and Moundsville, WV circa 1903-1910.