Sandro Lucchini manufactures high quality, made to order, double rifles and SxS shotguns (approx. 10-20 guns annually). Starting prices for shotguns are as follows (not including engraving) - Purdey style rose and scroll is approx. €1,750, while elaborate work by a master engraver can exceed €18,000. Shotguns: €7,000 for Anson action without sideplates (add €1,200 for sideplates), €15,700 for standard sidelock, manual cocking extractor hammer guns start at €7,800, self cocking ejectors are €17,200. Add 10% for 28 ga. or .410 bore, and €450 for single trigger. All shotgun barrels are demi-bloc construction. New O/U scaled frame 20 and 28 ga. shotguns begin at €7,100, including fine line gold inlay and case colors. Double rifles start at €26,500 for calibers under .375 H&H, and are available up to .600 NE. All double rifles feature Ferlach barrels.
Please contact the importer directly for more information, including an individual price quotation and delivery time.
Current manufacturer located in Sarezzo (Brescia), Italy. No current U.S. importation.

LUCCHINI, SANDRO Firearms Models