A Schuetzen Rifle is a special single-shot target rifle. During the time span 1875-1945 this target configuration rifle was very popular with competition shooters, especially in Europe. Many of these guns had elaborate locking systems, top quality sights, double-set triggers, heavy barrels, palm and thumbrests, sculptured cheekpiece, Swiss style buttplate, etc. Rather than list all the various domestic and European makers (there are hundreds), it should be noted that, since there are so many combinations of options for this configuration, most guns have to be examined and appraised individually. Most non-major trademarks sell in the $900 - $6,500 range, depending on features and condition. A famous trademark specimen (Ballard, Stevens, Winchester, etc.) in a rare model with elaborate factory engraving, and superior original condition can bring over $25,000. Schuetzen Rifles are a field in themselves and a knowledgeable dealer/collector should be consulted before buying or selling one of these guns.