A general guideline for Sears Roebuck firearms and related labels (most are post 1898 mfg. and marked "Sears, Roebuck and Co." on left side of barrel) is that values are generally lower than those of the major factory models from which they were derived. Remember, 99% of Sears Roebuck and related label guns get priced by their shootability factor in today's competitive marketplace, not collectibility.
An extensive crossover listing (see Storebrand Cross-Over List) has been provided in the back of this text for linking up the various Sears Roebuck models to the original manufacturer with respective "crossover" model numbers.
Catalog merchandiser originally established circa 1886 in Chicago, IL. In addition to selling major trademark firearms through its stores and mail order catalogs, Sears Roebuck also private labeled many configurations of firearms (mostly longarms) under a variety of trademarks and logos (i.e., J.C. Higgins, Ted Williams, Ranger, etc.). Sears discontinued the sale of all firearms circa 1980, and the Ted Williams trademark was stopped circa 1978.

SEARS & ROEBUCK Firearms Models