Known to sporting shooters in Australia and overseas as "Sportco", this Adelaide based company produced sporting firearms for over 35 years for the Australian market and export to Great Britain, Rhodesia, Borneo, South Africa, Canada, New Zealand and the U.S. For more information on this company's history, please visit
Sportco's firearms were of good quality utilitarian manufacture, and to date, there has been little collector interest. Sportco manufactured the Winchester Model 310 and 320 actions before they were shipped to the U.S. for completion. Values for Sportco firearms must be based on their shooting value only in today's competitive marketplace involving new firearms.
Previous Australian manufacturer established 1947 in Adelaide, South Australia by Jack Warne (of Kimber fame) and business partner Kevin Koch. Sporting Arms Co. was taken over in 1965 by USA company Omark Industries, and the range of 22 rimfire and centerfire rifles were expanded until the company closed in 1983.
The company established itself by manufacturing sporting caliber barrels for the large number of military surplus SMLE rifles in the Australian community post WWII. In 1956, they purchased from the government the complete lot of some 65,000 310 Cadet caliber BSA Martini rifles, some of which were immediately shipped on to Golden State Arms in California.