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Akdas Arms is a family owned company founded by Ă–mer Akdas, believed to be the first person to ever manufacture a SxS shotgun in Turkey. Sons Sadik and Selim now run the company, which offers a complete line of good quality semi-auto shotguns in hunting and tactical configurations, as well as a line of O/U shotguns in hunting and sporting configurations. The company offers a wide variety of synthetic and wood stock options, receiver finishes, and engraving. Currently, these lines of shotguns have had little or no domestic importation. In addition to hunting and sporting shotguns, Akdas Arms has taken its part in the defense industry. Please contact the company directly for more information including pricing, options, and availability.
Beginning in 2014, Akdas began manufacturing shotguns imported by SKB. Please refer to the SKB section for current information.
Current manufacturer of shotguns established in 1948, and located in Huglu, Konya, Turkey.

AKDAS ARMS Firearms Models