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BCM Europearms manufactures high quality bolt action competiton, hunting, and tactical/Law Enforcement pistols and rifles; the Storm semi-auto pistol (in 9x21mm and .40 S&W); and customized Remington 700 rifles. The "Barrel Block" competition rifle features a monolithic stock with integrally machined bedding (no separate bedding components) which allows both action and barrel to free float. The barrel and action are held in the stock by a "cap" which clamps over the barrel's chamber and is attached to the stock, not the action, by eight screws.
Currently these models are not being imported into the U.S. Please contact the company directly for more information, U.S. availability, and pricing.
Current manufacturer located in Torino, Italy. No current U.S. importation.

BCM EUROPEARMS Firearms Models