Bettinsoli manufactures fine quality O/U shotguns, express O/U rifles, and combination guns. Certain models were private labeled under the Franchi trademark in the U.S. and distributed under the Bettinsoli name in Europe. Select models are being imported by Bettinsoli USA. They include the Grand Prix (MSR $4,299-$4,999), Overland (MSR $3,799-$3,999), Diamond Deluxe (MSR $2,849-$2,999), Omega (MSR $2,199-$2,999), and X-Trail (MSR $2,199-$2,349) series. Please contact the importer directly for more information and availability.
Current manufacturer located in Brescia, Italy. Currently imported by Bettinsoli USA, established in 2019, located in Eberfeld, IN. Previously imported on a private label basis by Franchi. Distributed in Europe by Bignami, located in Bolzano, Italy.

BETTINSOLI Firearms Models