Falco manufactures a variety of good quality shotguns and rifles in various configurations, including O/U, SxS, combinations, and single shots. Falco is well-known for its folding action design. Falco also manufactures a single shot, SxS pistol in either 9mm Flobert or .410 bore with approx. 19 3/4 in. barrels. Please contact the U.S. importer directly for information on current availability and pricing.
Current manufacturer established circa 1960, and located in Marcheno, Italy. Currently imported by Chiappa Firearms USA beginning in 2013, located in Dayton, OH. Previously imported by Accardi Importer, located in Vacaville, CA. Previously represented in Europe by Effebi, snc. Some models were imported by K.B.I. until 2002.

FALCO ARMS Firearms Models