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Magnum Research importation can be denoted by a serial number prefix "MR". Action Arms imported rifles have either "AA" or "AAL" prefixes.
Current trademark manufactured by Israel Weapon Industries Ltd. (IWI), formerly Israel Military Industries (IMI). Currently imported by IWI US, Inc., located in Middletown, PA beginning late 2014. Galil semi-auto sporterized rifles and variations with thumbhole stocks were banned in April, 1998. Beginning late 1996, Galil rifles and pistols were available in selective fire mode (law enforcement, military only). Previously imported by UZI America, Inc. (a subsidiary of O.F. Mossberg & Sons, Inc.), Action Arms, Ltd., located in Philadelphia, PA until 1994, Springfield Armory, located in Geneseo, IL, and Magnum Research, Inc., located in Minneapolis, MN. Please refer to the Israel Weapon Industries LTD. section for more information on these models.

GALIL Firearms Models