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During 2006, the Suhl Arms Alliance was founded by a group of industrial manufacturers and gunsmithing craftspeople located in Suhl, Germany. All guns manufactured by this alliance are proofed in the Suhl firearms proof house.
Currently manufactured Haenel trademarked guns include a Jaeger 10 (new 2020) or Jaeger NXT Straight-Pull bolt action rifle (various configurations and finishes), CR223/CR300/CR6.5/CR308 semi-auto rifle, or RS8 and S9 tactical rifle utilizing a modular design. Previous models include a Jaeger 8.10 bolt action, Model SLB2000+ semi-auto, Jaeger 9 single shot rifle, Jaeger 8.10 O/U combination gun, Jaeger 8.11 O/U shotgun, and Jaeger 11 O/U shotgun. Please contact the company directly for more information including U.S. availability and pricing.
Current trademark established during 2006 and manufactured by various gunmakers/craftsmen from the Suhl Arms Alliance, located in Suhl, Germany. Select models currently imported on a limited basis by Steyr Arms or B&T USA.
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