After an apprenticeship to Thomas Mortimer in Edinburgh, Alexander Henry set up on his own in 1852. Although only in business a short while, (forty-two years), but in that time rose to become the pre-eminent rifle maker in the world. In 1860, he took out one of the most famous patents of the nineteenth century, his rifling system that created the world famous Henry rifling. When breech-loading rifles made their appearance in the 1860s, he invented a falling block action in 1865 that became the most popular and successful of all such actions. Currently, the business is managed and operated by John Dickson and Son. Although no new guns or rifles are currently produced under the Henry name, a full repair, restoration, and record enquiry service are offered for vintage Henry guns and rifles.

Previous trademark currently managed and operated by John Dickson & Son, located in Edinburgh, Scotland.

HENRY, ALEXANDER Firearms Models