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Huglu makes a wide variety of quality O/U, semi-auto, and SxS shotguns available in all gauges, and are now imported by CZ USA. Please refer to the CZ section for models and pricing for guns imported by CZ USA.
Some Huglu models were imported 1999-2002 by Huglu USA, and are stamped "Huglu USA, Rigby, ID" on the barrel. Huglu USA Ltd. Co. was reorganized in January 2003 as H-Legacy Shotguns Ltd. Co., and is now a Huglu dealer. For more information, including current models, prices, and U.S. availability, please contact CZ USA directly.
Current shotgun manufacturer established in 1962, located in Huglu, Turkey. Current exclusive importer beginning 2005 is CZ USA, located in Kansas City, KS. Previously imported 2002-2004 by Armsco Firearms Corp., located in Des Plaines, IL, and from 1999-2002 by Huglu USA, located in Rigby, ID.
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